Factors Affecting Diet And The Best Diet Habits For Healthy Life

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Diet simply means the collective amount of food substances that we consume as human beings or any other living organism. It is obvious that all of us don’t take the same diets. People are different and different diets exists because of very many factors.

Factors affecting diet

Amount of income – different people take different diets because of their variation in the amount of cash they get. Food has a price and the more the cash the more the food that is available to you. Poor people have no right of choice for food but they take and actually appreciate the little they get. Mostly, the food they get is not good enough for a healthy life. The rich on the other hand are able to purchase or grow very nutritious foods mix them appropriately and live healthy lives.

Religion – people worldwide belong to different religions and have their customs to follow and observe. Some rules and norms are to avoid eating some foods completely. Religion governs food preferences as well as food taboos.

Geographical locations – the world experience different climates in different areas. This influences the type of crops that grow there. People living in different areas therefore have some specific foods available to them. For example people living along sea and lake shores have plenty of coconuts. Importing foods from other areas is also expensive.

What are the best dietary habits?

Dietary habits involve making choices of what to feed on from the very many foods available. People require nutrients to live healthy lives. These nutrients are not gotten from every food because foods contain different nutrients.

Balancing the diet – this is a tip that means mixing the food types I appropriate proportions. Foods are either rich in minerals, vitamins or energy in form of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. All these are very important and essential to the body for health. Ensuring that you take at least each type of these nutrients in a meal will go a great way to making your life a quality one.

Avoid too much fat in food – fat is hard to digest, and usually they go and add fat to your body. This can lead to obesity which is not healthy.

Consistency – people are advised to take at least three meals a day. That is breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will always ensure that your body has some source of nutrients and energy will not be depleted.
Taking wholegrain foods–these foods are digested slower and, therefore, help individuals feel full for longer periods of time. They include brow rice, pasta and whole meal bread.

Body practice – though it is not a tip of proper diet, it goes hand in hand with healthy life. Carrying out regular body exercises helps you keep fit and ensure proper flow of blood to all the body parts. Blood therefore is able to take the nutrients to all the parts and collect wastes more efficiently.

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